Benefits Of Choosing Aluminium Gutter

Aluminium is a very abundant and sustainable material that is used in construction. It is extracted from bauxite and smelted into versatile ingots that can be forged into any shape.

Aluminium is used for many ranges of products, ranging from cans to cars, to various construction materials like gutters, fascias, and soffits.

Why use Aluminium Gutters?

Aluminium is the preferred material for roofing professionals and contractors for various reasons.

Strength & Durability - How long do Aluminium Gutters last?

Durability is an important factor to consider before investing in an upgrade or choosing material for a structural project, as you do not want to have to choose another one again soon.

Plus, it increases the overall resale value of your home or project which is especially important if you plan to move or sell.

Aluminium is light-weight which makes it ideal for transporting and handling while on-site, however, it has a high strength-to-weight ratio which minimises the dead load on building supporting structures.

Aluminium is exceptional for durability for many reasons:

      • Aluminium has a very strong rust resistance.
      • Aluminium cannot shatter and crack due to drastic temperature changes.
      • Aluminium is not at all affected by thermal expansion.
      • Aluminium is not prone to colour bleaching which can be caused by exposure to the sun and therefore will present like new throughout its lifecycle.
      • Aluminium is resistant to corrosion if regularly maintained.
      • Aluminium is highly malleable (meaning it can be rolled or hammered into extremely thin sheets without breaking.)

Aesthetically Attractive

Aluminium is a neutral material that is extremely versatile, and suits being mixed with almost anything to compliment both modern and old properties.

Aluminium gutters can be painted in many different colour combinations and are not affected by colour bleaching that is common among popular guttering materials which occurs after too much exposure to the sun over a long time.

Fire Safe

Although Aluminium can melt at temperatures over 650°C, it does not release harmful gasses, nor burn. According to British Standard BS 476, aluminium is classed as a “non-combustible” construction material.

The emissivity (the measure of an object’s ability to emit infrared energy) of aluminium is 7 – 9 times lower than steel which means that it cannot heat the surrounding area as much as steel would.

Low Maintenance

Aside from general regular maintenance of your gutters, aluminium itself requires very little maintenance to keep things running smoothly; it has a minimum expected lifecycle of around 30 years but can last more than 60 years.

Find out how to clean and maintain your aluminium gutters in our Guides & Tips section.

Is Aluminium sustainable and environmentally friendly?

Aluminium has the title of “The Green Metal” because it is highly recyclable which makes it very environmentally friendly.

Each time aluminium is recycled, it saves 97% of greenhouse gas emissions that would have been produced if the aluminium had to be created using raw materials through the primary production process – this means only 3% of the material is lost during the recycling process.

We offer ARP’s Sentinel gutters which manufactured from 100% recycled 6063 T6 and LM6 aluminium alloy.

Is Aluminium Guttering expensive?

PVC gutters are generally cheaper than aluminium gutters, but they do not last anywhere near as long. Aluminium gutters are quite cheap when compared to the more expensive steel gutters.

You may run into trouble if you happen to purchase PVC gutters for your home that are not the correct fit for your house as they cannot be reshaped, or modified, to make them fit, and they are not easy or cost-effective to repair if they are damaged.

Aluminium does not leak as easily and will usually tend to bend or dent if it is damaged. Fixing the issue is generally as simple as bending the aluminium back into shape.

Is Aluminium Guttering easy to install?

Check out our installation guide for a step-by-step walkthrough on installing aluminium gutters.