DuraDek Estandar Decking - Brown

DuraDek Estándar Decking in Brown offers a high-performance, durable, fade and slip-resistant alternative to traditional timber decking. The Estándar hollow deck boards are double-faced offering two different styles, a sleek ribbed and great looking sanded style. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our duradek range is currently experiencing delivery lead times of 3 - 5 days.

For detailed installation instructions please take a look at our DuraDek installation guide. 

The Benefits of DuraDek WPC Decking

DuraDek offers a high-performance, eco-friendly wood alternative, that offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwood without the need for regular maintenance.

  • Better – does not rot, unlike timber decking, weather resistant and easy to clean
  • Faster – quick and easy to install
  • Safer – durable, slip-resistant, split and splinter-free surface
  • Choice of grooved or sanded finish in three colours - brown, grey or charcoal
  • Low maintenance
  • Hidden fixing system
  • Environmentally friendly

DuraDek is slip-resistant, splinter-free and very low maintenance with no requirement for annual treatment to allowing you to make the most of that just-installed look.

DuraDek Installation

We'd always recommend that installation conditions are stable and flat to avoid the possibility of the decking surface deforming. Joists must be laid on a solid flat surface such as concrete. Grass, uneven paving slabs or sand will cause movement and damage the installation.

The DuraDek system is quick and easy to install using grab clips provided.

DuraDek boards should have a 6mm gap between each board, and be fitted using DuraDek electrophoretic coated grab deck clips and stainless
steel screws. DuraDek stainless steel starter clips are recommended for securing the first line and the last line of decking boards. This gap is important for drainage and to avoid expansion caused by long term immersion.

We'd recommend the use of pedestals to allow the free circulation of air around the installation.

Incorporating Balustrades

Balustrades can be incorporated, post and deck rails should be fixed directly through the deck to the substructure, allowing for an expansion of 10mm for seasonal movement.

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  1. WPC Estandar Side Cover Angle Brown - 40mm x 40mm x 3600mm
    1. Code 3050010215
    2. Brand Guardian
    £10.76 £12.91
  2. WPC Estandar Solid Fascia Plank Brown -130mm x10mm x 3600mm
    1. Code 3050010170
    2. Brand Guardian
    £19.45 £23.34
  3. Adjustable Pedestal - 30mm to 60mm
    1. Code 3050010185
    2. Brand Guardian
    £3.71 £4.45
  4. WPC Deck Joist - 61mm x 41mm x 3600mm
    1. Code 3050010160
    2. Brand Guardian
    £25.26 £30.31
  5. WPC Deck Joist - 40mm x 30mm x 3600mm
    1. Code 3050010165
    2. Brand Guardian
    £10.68 £12.82
  6. Tub of 30 x Starter Clips & 30 x Screws
    1. Code 3050010240
    2. Brand Guardian
    £13.20 £15.84
  7. Tub of 50 x Fixing Clips & 50 x Screws to cover 2.5sqm
    1. Code 3050010230
    2. Brand Guardian
    £23.66 £28.39
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8 Items