Soakaway Systems

Building Regulations
Building Regulations requires that rainwater from the roof of a building or from a paved area may either be gathered for re-use or be discharged into one of the following, listed in order:

(a) an adequate soakaway or, where that is not reasonably practicable,
(b) a watercourse (such as a ditch, stream or river); or, where that is not reasonably practicable,
(c) a sewer.
Aquavoid, Polystorm and Polystorm Lite systems are lightweight modular water storage cells with a high void ratio that can be used to create soakways in residential, commercial, industrial and retail applications.
Soakaway crates - technical details
Our Aquavoid Crates hold 333 litres (0.333 cubic metres).
Each individual Polystorm water crate can hold 190 litres of water (0.19 cubic meters). 1 crate should be used for every 10sq metres of roof to be drained. The cells are assembled together to form a structure of any shape or size to hold water from roofs, gutters and land drains.
The outward facing surfaces of the crates should be wrapped in non-woven geotextile membrane to stop soil from entering and clogging up the system.
In order to create a  soakaway that measures 1 cubic metre (1m square x 1m deep) 3 Aquavoid Crates would be needed. If using the Polystorm crates you would need to use or 5 crates. This would be sufficient to drain an average roof area of 50sq metres.
The crates are interlocking and have knockout sections along the side to accommodate the incoming pipes.



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