PVC Fascia And Soffit - The Terms Used

In this video we use a simple model to explain where on the roof each PVC section can be found, and what it is used for.

There are two distinct types of PVC Fascia. One is a Standard Fascia board, called sometimes 'Jumbo', which is normally between 16mm and 25mm thick. This means it is strong enough to go straight onto the ends of the roof's rafters and strong enough to support your gutter in whatever weather. 

The other type of Fascia board is known as a 'cover board' and is typically 9mm thick. This means it isn't strong enough to be attached solely to the rafters, therefore, it normally had a timber backing board. 

The board found underneath between the Fascia and back to the wall is named a Soffit board. This can be plain or vented. 

There is also the board that goes along the side which is called a Barge board. This is normally exactly the same as the Fascia board.