Artificial Grass

Our range of artificial grass gives the illusion of a perfectly manicured natural grass lawn, without the need for heavy upkeep demanded by grass lawns.

Artificial Grass

Budget artificial grass is a great option for homeowners who want the look and feel of a lush green lawn without breaking the bank.
  • High Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Durable
Square Metres from £14.75 (excl. VAT)
Our range of premium artificial grass from Namgrass is a high-quality alternative to natural lawns without any of the upkeep.
  • High Quality
  • Low Maintenance
  • Realistic Appearance
  • Soft To Touch
Square Metres from £20.99 (excl. VAT)
Our luxury artificial grass from Namgrass is a premium landscaping solution.
  • Luxurious Look and Feel
  • Easy to Maintain
  • UV-Stable
  • 10-Year Warranty
Square Metres from £24.99 (excl. VAT)

Artificial Grass Features & Benefits

Artificial grass offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it an excellent option for homeowners. Unlike natural grass, artificial doesn't require watering, mowing, or fertilizing, making it a super low maintenance option. It’s highly durable, able to withstand heavy foot traffic and weather conditions without showing signs of wear and tear. Artificial grass also very aesthetically pleasing, providing a lush and green appearance that looks and feels like real grass.

We offer budget, premium and luxury artificial grass options in order to suit a wide variety of applications!

  • High Durability Artificial grass is supplied with a 10-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that it’s designed to last!
  • Low Maintenance Artificial grass requires minimal upkeep, saving time and money on lawn maintenance costs.
  • Pet and Child-Friendly Highly resistant to wear and tear, artificial grass is the perfect option for families with children or pets.
  • Year-Round Use Artificial grass can be used year-round, unlike natural grass, which can be muddy & unusable in heavy rain or in winter.

Artificial Grass Technical Specification

Artificial Grass Technical Specification

All artificial grass products in the range are supplied with a 10-year warranty and are UV-resistant to ensure durability. All products are ISO 9001 Certified.

Our artificial grass products are manufactured using C6 material, which is a linear low-density polyethylene that uses Hexene as a binding material. C6 has a high tensile strength, which gives a lower tendency to fibrillation and split, and is also not as sensitive to high temperatures as other artificial grass materials. C6 is soft to the touch, and highly UV-stable.

Artificial Grass Further Information

Our artificial grass products are stocked by Namgrass, a leading company that has over 30 years of experience in artificial grass!

To find out more about artificial grass, take a look at the guides and tips section of our website.

How long does artificial grass last?

Our range of artificial grass is supplied with a 10-year guarantee, but with the proper care and maintenance it can last even longer!

How to maintain artificial grass?

Maintaining artificial grass is a much easier task than maintaining a natural grass lawn. We recommend brushing it regularly to keep the fibres standing upright, and to remove and debris or leaves that can accumulate on the surface. You can also rinse

Is artificial grass pet-friendly?

Yes – it is designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for people with pets. It also doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, making it safe for pets.

Is artificial grass eco-friendly?

Yes, it is an environmentally friendly option. It doesn’t require much water or any fertilisers or pesticides to maintain it, which helps to conserve resources and reduce the impact on the environment.

Artificial Grass Installation & Maintenance

If you’ve just invested in artificial grass and want to find out the best way to install and look after it, then look no further! We have all the info you need to get you started, from thorough installation guides to our top tips for maintenance!

How To Install Artificial Grass

So, you’ve bought your artificial grass and you’re now slightly worried about how to install it. Fear not, as in this installation guide we aim to walk you through the complete process from start to finish!

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Artificial Grass Guides & Reviews

Not sure which artificial grass product is right for you? We have detailed product reviews and guides to help you choose the perfect product for your garden.

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Artificial Grass – Your Questions

We have all of the answers to the most commonly asked questions about artificial grass, from uses to guarantees and more!

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Artificial Grass Reviews

Artificial Grass Delivery & Returns

Namgrass Delivery & Returns

Our general Delivery & Returns policy can be found here. Below you can consult specific details regarding the Delivery & Returns of Namgrass products.


  • All Namgrass products have a delivery lead time of 3 - 5 working days
  • All orders containing under £150 ex. VAT worth of Namgrass products are subject to an additional surcharge of £20 ex. VAT


  • All items should be checked upon delivery, please notify us immediately and prior to use/installation of any discrepancies or potential product faults to ensure that a quick resolution may be reached.