Multi Use Drainage Cells

Our Multi Use Drainage Cell solutions have been designed with our partners at Rainsmart to offer innovative, low maintenance and easy to install solutions to drainage and rainwater management. 

Drainage Cell Benefits

Our Nero Cell drainage systems provide the perfect solution for grassy areas, green roofs, planter boxes and drainage under paved areas. The system can also be used as an underdrain for high groundwater tables.

The 30mm Nero Drainage Cell provides a uniform surface for effective draining of excess water during heavy rainfalls. The unique cup structure provides water retention for passive irrigation and allows vegetation to flourish.

  • High compressive strength with load-carrying capacity of up to 140 tonnes per m2
  • High lateral flow capacity
  • Maintains void got efficient drainage after backflow and compaction
  • Easy to fit and cut via a clipping system
  • Lightweight, just 3.2kg per square metre. in comparison, the same amount of gravel would weigh 250kg per square metre for the same effective drainage
  • Holds and creates a perch water table, providing ideal moist conditions for plant growth
  • Recharges groundwater through infiltration
  • Reduces hydrostatic forces upon a sub-grade wall
  • Environmentally friendly - made from recycled polypropylene

Drainage Cell Applications

Rainsmart 30mm Nero Drainage Cell is a lightweight, yet incredibly strong drainage panel, that is covered in geotextile membrane for vertical and horizontal drainage applications, including:

  • Roof Decks, Planter Boxes, Podium gardens
  • Sportsfield and open space drainage
  • Retaining walls for foundations
  • Subfloors
  • Tunnel drainage
  • Road & highway edge drains
  • Landfill drainage
  • Landscaping drainage
  • Biofilters & gas dispersion systems
  • Underdrain system for high groundwater tables.

These cells are commonly used as an underdrain, to capture and discharge rising groundwater - with high load-bearing capacity and a 95% internal void surface ratio the cells are the ideal solution for parking lots, roads and building lots affected by high groundwater.

Nero Cell 30mm is also perfect for use under sports fields where water can be infiltrated, collected, transported and re-used where required.

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