Soil and Waste

Our Soil pipes and fittings, manufactured in the UK by FloPlast to British Standard, are available in a push fit (Ring Seal) range in Grey, Black, White, Anthracite Grey and Cast Iron Effect.

A full solvent weld system is also stocked in Black or Olive Grey. Waste is available in push-fit (polypropylene) or Solvent Weld (ABS). Compression waste adaptors connect different systems and materials. A range of traps and pan connectors completes the above-ground drainage line-up.


All Soil and Waste products have a consistent high-gloss finish and colour and are essentially maintenance free. The fittings are tough and durable, yet lightweight for ease of installation.

Our Soil and Waste system is fully compatible with our Underground Drainage products, enabling a simple push fit connection between the two.

All systems are manufactured to British/European Standards specification where applicable. Our Soil and Waste is also compatible with most other existing materials and systems that are manufactured  to British and European Standards.

Colour matching between Soil and Waste and guttering systems ensures good colour coordination when pipework is located externally.


Soil and Waste systems can discharge continuous flows with a temperature of up to 76 degrees C. Flows of up to 100 degrees C may be permitted without any damage to the pipes if they run for a duration of less than two minutes at any one time. This means that the Floplast Soil and Waste system is suitable for use on both domestic and most commercial installations. If you need any further clarification on discharge flow temperatures please contact us.


Commence the soil stack from the base and work up. The pipe should be fixed with brackets at maximum 2m centres vertically and 1m horizontally. Allowance for expansion should be made by withdrawing all pipe spigots from the end of the socket by 10mm.

The use of silicon lubricant on all seals is recommended. All soil systems should incorporate suitable access points to enable testing and maintenance of the system. Further more detailed instructions including a video guide can be found in our Guides & Tips section.

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