Soakaway Crates - Standard 24 - 40 Tonne

We sell Rainsmart soakaway crates available either fully assembled or flat packed to save valuable space on site. There is a wide variety of design options to suit all types of different site requirements. In addition to the Rainsmart system we also stock Polypipe Polystorm Soakaway crate systems.


Soakaways are used to dispose of rainwater on most projects, whether domestic or commercial. Historically, this would have been done by a deep hole being dug and then filled with rubble, broken bricks, blocks and hard core - environmentally this caused issues due to contamination and mechanically, there were also issues due to the gaps between the bricks and blocks filling up - water wouldn't actually soakaway. 

This led to the creation of soakaway crates. or cells as they are sometimes referred to. These are now the most commonly used method of building a soakaway for both domestic housing and commercial applications.


We have a domestic Rainsmart Ellipse double crate which holds 234 litres of rainwater. Four of these double crates make up 1 cubic metre - which is the most popular size to specify. Vertical crush load on this system is 24.2 tonnes with an 18 tonne vertical crush load. 

Our commercial 65 Tonne Heavy crate holds 236 litres of rainwater. Again, four of these crates make up 1 cubic metre. The heavy crate has a vertical crush loading capacity of 65 tonners per square metre - making it the ideal system for load applications in new housing development, industrial and infrastructure projects.


We offer both flat-packed and pre-assembled crates for our Rainsmart Ellipse and 65 Tonne Heavy creates. A standard 1 cubic metre soakaway set should take around 10 - 12 minutes to assemble. All you'll need is a rubber mallet which we supply as part of the kit. 

Flat-pack soakaways are slightly more cost effective as they are easier to handle and transport. This option is perfect on both large and small sites where space may be at a premium. 


As crates are modular, builders and architects can create soakaways in sizes to suit their need. Different shapes and designs such as around a corner or in a long and narrow gully can be created to help with tight spots. 

We also have shallow crate options available if you have a high water table or want to dig a shallow excavation.

The outward facing sides of all crates should be wrapped in a geotextile membrane, to stop soil from clogging up the crate.

We recommend that a pre-filter - such as a silt trap - is used in conjunction with a modular soakaway system. Emptying the filter on a regular basis will maintain the systems efficiency and increase its lifespan. 

Crates are lightweight and can be installed by unskilled labour if needed.


Both our Rainsmart Ellipse and 65 Tonne Heavy soakaway crates have a pipe entry point where your 110mm or 160mm drainage pipe should enter the crate. The membrane should be peeled back and clamped around the point where the pipe enters. 

Find out more about installation in our guides and tips

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  1. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed
    1. Code 90004F
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £57.59 £69.11
  2. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Assembled
    1. Code 90004
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £61.47 £73.76
  3. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Set Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 90004M3F
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £219.94 £263.93
  4. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Set Assembled 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 90004M3
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £245.81 £294.97
  5. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed - Shallow
    1. Code 90003FP
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £32.35 £38.82
  6. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow Soakaway Set Assembled 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 90003M3
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £265.23 £318.28
  7. Rainsmart Soakaway Set For Heavier Soils Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 80001M3F
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £339.77 £407.72
  8. Rainsmart Soakaway Set For Heavier Soils Assembled 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 80001M3
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £365.91 £439.09
  9. Rainsmart Soakaway Set Shallow for Heavier Soils Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
    1. Code 80001M3FSHALLOW
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    £403.81 £484.57
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