Garden Structures

Explore our assortment of garden structures, designed to add architectural intrigue and elevate your outdoor environment. Within our collection, you'll discover a diverse array of garden structures crafted to enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of your outdoor space. Delve into an extensive selection of garden arches, arbours and wooden landscaping sleepers, each showcasing a variety of materials and styles to accommodate your unique preferences for your outdoor project. Whether you're in search of an enchanting focal point, a cosy retreat for relaxation, or an elegant framework for your climbing plants, our garden structure selection has you covered.

Browse our range of garden structure products to bring your ideal outdoor living space to life!

Garden Structures Features and Benefits 

Garden structures such as arbours, and garden arches bring a myriad of advantages to outdoor settings. These constructions not only elevate the visual allure of gardens but also fulfil practical purposes.

  • Garden arches gracefully frame pathways and entrances, introducing depth and formality to the landscape.
  • Arbours, conversely, offer a snug and sheltered sanctuary, often adorned with climbing plants, fashioning an idyllic nook for moments of tranquility or social gatherings.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these structures double as support systems for climbing plants, nurturing a lush, verdant environment. Ultimately, arbours and garden arches seamlessly merge beauty with functionality, making them versatile additions to any garden. They enhance outdoor experiences and establish captivating focal points that enrich the overall garden ambience.

Garden Structures FAQs

Can a Garden Structure Increase the Value of My Property?

The influence of a garden structure on property worth can fluctuate, hinging on numerous factors such as the structure's type, its quality, its seamless integration into the broader landscape design, and the prevailing conditions of the local real estate market. In certain instances, garden structures that are skillfully crafted and properly upkept can elevate a property's attractiveness, potentially playing a role in increasing its resale value.

A Garden Arch vs. an Arbour, what's the difference? 

A garden arch serves as an ornamental element typically employed to adorn pathways or entrances, whereas an arbour constitutes a more substantial, enclosed seating area, often enveloped by climbing vines or plants, delivering a sheltered retreat within the garden. For a comprehensive exploration of the distinctions between garden arches and arbours, we invite you to read our Guides & Tips article.

Is planning permission required for garden structures?

Smaller garden structures like pergolas, arches, and arbours, primarily used for decorative or ornamental purposes and without enclosure, fall under the category of "permitted development." As a result, they typically do not necessitate planning permission.

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