Garden Structures

Explore our assortment of garden structures, designed to add architectural intrigue and elevate your outdoor space. Within our collection, you'll discover a diverse array of garden structures crafted to enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of your garden.

Delve into an extensive selection of garden arches, arbours, pergolas, landscaping sleepers, sheds and garden storage, garden rooms and outbuildings, fencing, gates, privacy screens, hedging screens, and planters, each showcasing a variety of materials and styles to accommodate your unique preferences for your outdoor project.

Whether you're in search of an enchanting focal point, a cosy retreat for relaxation, or an elegant framework for your climbing plants, our garden structure selection has you covered.

Garden Structures Features and Benefits 

Garden structures bring a myriad of advantages to outdoor settings. These constructions not only elevate the visual allure of gardens but also fulfil practical purposes.

Garden Arches

Garden arches elegantly outline pathways and entrances, adding dimension and elegance to the landscape. A garden arch is a decorative feature usually used to beautify pathways or entrances.

Garden Arbours

Arbours provide a cosy and protected haven, often decorated with climbing plants, creating a perfect spot for relaxation or social events. An arbour is a more solid, enclosed seating area, often covered by climbing vines or plants, offering a secluded escape in the garden.


Made of high-quality aluminium, our pergolas are versatile and stylish. They are extremely durable and resistant to weathering, making them an excellent long-term investment. We have freestanding and wall-mounted pergolas for various applications, and they have a clever built-in drainage system that allows rainwater to drain without opening the louvred roof.


Explore our range of high-quality wooden sleepers carefully selected to suit your landscaping needs. Whether you want to create raised flower beds, mark out pathways, or add rustic charm to your garden, our garden sleepers are the perfect choice.

Sheds & Garden Storage

Our sheds and garden storage from Forest Garden are made of 100% timber and dip-treated, giving them a natural and classic look. The timber sheds in the range have shiplap and tongue and groove styles to suit all preferences, as well as retreat sheds for fun outdoor bar areas. We also have log stores and shed bases to help you cover all bases. 

Garden Rooms & Outbuildings

We have a wide range of garden rooms and outbuildings available, from cosy summerhouses to spacious log cabins. You can choose between classic and modern styles. They are EN71 compliant, designed to fit into any garden, and feature shatterproof windows, secure hinges, and locks. 

Garden Fencing

We offer various types of fencing, such as timber fencing, composite fencing, and steel fencing, from reliable suppliers like Ecoscape, Forest Garden, and DuraPost. Fencing your property can give you many benefits, such as privacy, security, and noise reduction – and of course, the right fencing can make your garden look better!

Garden Gates

Crafted for both security and beauty, our garden gates elevate any outdoor space. Choose from sleek modern composites for a contemporary statement, or charming classic timber for timeless appeal.

Privacy Screens

Our outdoor privacy screens are made of high-quality metal materials that offer you many advantages. They are durable and easy to care for. Plus, our garden privacy screens are eco-friendly and come in 5 beautiful colours.

Hedging Screens

Hedging screens are a popular garden fencing alternative due to their natural beauty and instant privacy. Ready to weave your own slice of paradise? Our selection of lush hedging screens boasts a variety of fast-growing, low-maintenance beauties to suit your patio, pool, balcony, and more.

Garden Planters

Our wooden planters and corten steel planters can enhance the beauty of your garden or patio. Whether you want to grow flowers or vegetables, we have the ideal outdoor planters for you!

Garden Structures FAQs

Can a Garden Structure Increase the Value of My Property?

The influence of a garden structure on property worth can fluctuate, hinging on numerous factors such as the structure's type, its quality, its seamless integration into the broader landscape design, and the prevailing conditions of the local real estate market. In certain instances, garden structures that are skillfully crafted and properly upkeep can elevate a property's attractiveness, potentially playing a role in increasing its resale value.

Is Planning Permission Required for Garden Structures?

Small decorative garden structures like arches, arbours, pergolas, screens and sleepers used for ornamental purposes typically do not require planning permission when installed in residential gardens. As they are open-sided and often under 2.5 meters tall, these structures are usually covered by permitted development rights.

For more substantial buildings like fully enclosed garden rooms, large sheds and outbuildings, planning permission is normally needed if over permitted size thresholds, as they can block light or views.

When installing structures close to public land, connecting them directly to the house, or using them for commercial purposes, it is best to seek council approval first.

To find out if you need planning permission for the garden structures you want to build, carefully read through the local permitted development guidelines. These will tell you how big the structures can be and what they can be used for. To make sure rules are followed, it's also a good idea to check with your council's planning office ahead of time.

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