Timber Fencing

Our range of timber fencing is the perfect choice if you’re looking to enhance your garden space in a traditional but aesthetically pleasing way. Manufactured using 100% natural timber, the range comes in a variety of different sizes, colours, and treatments to suit your needs and taste.

The Professional Building Supplies timber fencing range includes stunning timber decorative fence panels, trellis for encouraging the growth of climbing plants, and all the fencing accessories you need to complete your installation.

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Not only does timber fencing enhance the appearance of any given property, but it also provides important privacy and security to the garden area. It’s super-easy to install (and repair, if need be), and is also offered at a lower price point than other fencing material options, such as composite fencing and steel fencing.

Timber fencing is also very environmentally friendly – when it comes to replacing your fence panels, any old timber fencing can be recycled as firewood. This will give you the peace of mind that when you purchase timber fencing, you’re helping to care for the environment!

Finally, timber fencing is offered in an array of decorative styles to suit any property. With its natural appearance, it blends beautifully with the surrounding area, complementing the greenery in the garden.

Timber Fencing – Technical Specification

All timber products in the range are manufactured using FSC® certified timber, and are provided with a high-quality, smooth-planed finish. All of our timber fencing products are also pressure treated to allow for a longer lifespan, offering a minimum 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

The Professional Building Supplies timber fencing range is also offered with a variety of accessories to complete your installation, including a range of different fence posts.

Timber Fencing Further Information

To find out more about our range of timber fencing and trellises, take a look at our guides and tips. You can also contact our team for assistance – we're always happy to help, whether it’s providing expert guidance or advising on pricing.

Timber Fencing FAQs

What colour fence will make my garden look bigger?

While you’d think that the rule of lighter colours making interior spaces look bigger would apply to your garden, too, the opposite is true! Light coloured fences will stand out from the rest of the garden, drawing attention to the dimensions of your space. Instead, opt for a darker shade of brown or green, which will blend in with the plants or trees in your garden and make the space look larger.

How long does timber fencing last?

This is dependent on one thing – whether your timber is treated or untreated. If it’s treated timber you’re after, then the general lifespan of the fence will be 10-15 years. That being said, with the right maintenance it’s not rare for treated timber fences to last up to 30 years!

For untreated timber, it’ll be more around 5 years before the fencing needs replacing.

How do I liven up a boring timber fence?

We offer a wide range of decorative fence panels if you’re looking to replace an old fence with something more attractive, yet still functional. Available in a range of sizes, profiles, and treatments, there’s something for every garden.

If you’re not looking to replace your fence panels, you can also change things up by installing a trellis on the fence. This will allow climbing plants such as jasmine and clematis to grow up over the surface of the fence panel, giving your fence a whole new look!

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