Hedging Screens

Hedging screens have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional fencing for backyards and gardens. With their natural beauty and instant privacy, it's easy to see why.

Install one of our lush hedging screens around a patio, pool, or balcony to create a peaceful oasis right in your own yard. The leaves will provide seclusion from prying eyes while also reducing noise and enhancing your outdoor decor. Whether you want privacy, beauty, or just a living backdrop, our hedging screens are the perfect solution.

We offer styles and sizes to match any space and preference. Made of durable, weather-resistant materials, our hedging will withstand the elements while maintaining its good looks over time.

Explore our wide selection of living screen systems and elevate your outdoor living space. With the right hedging screen, you can redefine your backyard and create the garden retreat you've been dreaming of. Reimagine your outdoor area today!


Hedging screens are rows of shrubs, trees, or other plants used to create privacy, shade, and boundaries in outdoor spaces. This type of natural fencing offers versatility, security, aesthetic appeal and other benefits.


  • Versatile: Hedging screens come in many plant types and styles to suit different landscaping needs.
  • Privacy: The foliage creates a secluded, intimate setting and blocks unwanted views.
  • Security: Hedging screens offer a safer, more private environment.
  • Visual Appeal: The plants enhance the yard's beauty with greenery, texture and depth.
  • Noise Reduction: Hedging absorbs and dampens noise.
  • Windbreak: Screens provide shelter from wind.
  • Boundary Definition: Clearly defines property lines and areas of the garden.
  • Sunlight Control: Hedging provides shade or sunlight depending on needs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces wind exposure to lower heating/cooling costs.
  • Erosion Control: Root systems help stabilize soil.


See our Hedging Screen Installation Guide for detailed planting and care instructions. Properly installed hedging screens will provide years of beauty and privacy for your outdoor retreat.

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