Water Butts

At Professional Building Supplies we are constantly looking at better ways to manage our impact on the environment, and rainwater management is a great example of a simple and easy way to get involved and reduce your environmental footprint. Every type of house can be connected to a water butt and its an easy way to reduce your water bills. 

Water butts are connected to a rainwater pipe using a rain diverter. Its a simple but clever device that allows the butt to be filled, once full the rainwater runs away down the rainwater pipe as normal. Installation of a water butt takes about an hour - no specialist tools are needed.

Our water butts, complete with removable lids and taps, come in 100 litre and 200 litre options. Stands are available to raise the water butt up off of the ground and hold it safely in position. The 100 litre option is a slim, space saving design that fits neatly against the wall.

With greater demand for homes that offer reduced environmental impact, lower running costs and features that enhance health and well-being, there is an increasing requirement for sustainable home building.

Simple changes that you can make include the installation of water butts to collect and re-use rainwater from the roof, or for larger projects, consider the installation of a rainwater harvesting system.

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  1. Water Butt - Standard 200L
    1. Code WB200
    £33.65 £28.04 Save 20% £42.06 £35.05
  2. Water Butt - Slim 100L
    1. Code WB100
    £29.16 £24.30 Save 20% £36.46 £30.38
  3. Water Butt Stand - for Standard Water Butt 200L
    1. Code ST200
    £13.46 £11.22 Save 20% £16.82 £14.02
  4. Water Butt Stand - for Slim Water Butt 100L
    1. Code ST100
    £12.32 £10.27 Save 20% £15.41 £12.84
  5. Rain Diverter - White
    1. Code RVS1W
    £11.44 £9.53 Save 20% £14.29 £11.91
  6. Rain Diverter - Brown
    1. Code RVS1BR
    £11.44 £9.53 Save 20% £14.29 £11.91
  7. Rain Diverter - Black
    1. Code RVS1B
    £11.44 £9.53 Save 20% £14.29 £11.91
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7 Items