A range of carports offer a quick and easy to install solution to suit all budgets and requirements. Our range includes modular carports in the form of a basic lean-to kits and contemporary carports in a stylish aluminium free-standing unit.

Carports are structures designed to protect cars from adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow in the absence of a garage. In recent times carports have found a common alternative use - they are now frequently installed for use as smoking shelters. We offer two distinct types of carport - modular and contemporary. 


Our modular carports are kit-form lean-to structures that are attached to one elevation of a building. They are availalble in a range of sizes up to 6m x 4m and come complete with all of the system requirements needed to build the complete structure.

These modular carports are glazed with polycarbonate sheets and are a cost-effective way of providing shelter.

Our modular carports come with full, easy to follow installation instructions.


Contemporary carports are stylish structures, adding visual interest to any building whilst being immensely practical. They can be used as shelters for cars and boats but work equally well as smart smoking shelters in a commercial setting.

All of our contemporary carports can be placed side-by-side in order to increase lengths or projections and come with full, easy to follow installation instructions.


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