Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting units are now a common site on new build projects, collecting rainwater from the gutter system and re-using it in various applications around the house and garden. Regular users of these systems benefit from a dramatic drop in water usage costs, particularly where the supply is metered.

Our StormSaver Rainwater Harvesting plants supplied by FloPlast are one of the most technologically advanced systems for rainwater harvesting available today.

Quiet, economical and unobtrusive, these units use a pump that delivers water seamlessly at the rate of 10 litres per minute - approximately equivalent to a standard domestic mains pressure expecation.

Water is pumped on demand to washing machines, WC cisterns and garden hoses to ensure that every precious drop of rainwater is made use of.

Please allow 7 days for delivery of this product. If you require any further information please do contact us.

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  1. Stormsaver Package - 1500L
    1. Code S1500
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Capacity 1500L
    £3,026.80 £3,632.16
  2. Stormsaver Package - 3000L
    1. Code S3000
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Capacity 3000L
    £3,642.68 £4,371.22
  3. Stormsaver Package - 5000L
    1. Code S5000
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Capacity 5000L
    £4,534.36 £5,441.23
  4. Stormsaver Package - 7000L
    1. Code S7500
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Capacity 7500L
    £5,055.58 £6,066.70
  5. Stormsaver Level Sensor
    1. Code LS1
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £192.01 £230.41
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5 Items