Underground Drainage

At Professional Building Supplies we specialise in Underground Drainage. Unlike most general merchants, we stock a huge range of drainage supplies, such as 110mm and 160mm drainage pipes and fittings, with larger sizes available upon request; inspection chambers; cast iron pipes and fittings; manhole covers; numerous duct types; MDPE for gas and water supplies; a selection of channel drainage systems; and multiple soakaway crates and membrane options. All of our drainage systems are British Standard approved and are fully compatible with our soil pipe system.

All of Our 110mm and 160mm pipes and the majority of our fittings are manufactured from PVC-U, as well as our 200mm, 250mm, 315mm & 400mm sewer pipes. Inspection Chambers, adjustable bends, gully traps and grids are manufactured from polypropylene.

Pipes and fittings are manufactured in Golden Brown (terracotta). They are designed for use in gravity drainage, sewerage and stormwater installations at depths of up to 10 metres. You can learn much more about these products in our Guides & Tips section.

Our Halifax drainage pipes, available in diameters of 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm, are precision-engineered from superior-quality cast iron, ensuring a lifespan of over a century. The entire Halifax underground drainage range is fully compliant with the British Standard BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 Incorporating Corrigendum 2008. This ensures the pipes meet the highest quality and performance standards for use within your drainage system.

Our land drain is a very efficient, single wall, corrugated and perforated pipe used underground for collecting excess rainwater from boggy areas such as gardens and playing fields. The water filters into the land drain via the perforations and is then run off to a suitable dispersal point such as soakaway, watercourse or surface water drain. It works very well when used in conjunction with our soakaway systems.

For those who wish to collect and re-distribute their rainwater, we sell rainwater harvesting systems designed in accordance with BS8515:2009 to the highest standards.

In our range of flexible Ducting, Professional Building Supplies stocks coils of Black, Blue, Orange, Purple, Geen and Yellow Duct, in addition to our rigid twinwall duct system. We also stock 54mm and 90mm BT Duct for cabling purposes and electric polyduct.

We also stock a range of manhole covers in steel, plastic, cast and ductile iron. For further information please take a look at our manhole cover section which contains a wide range of technical information to ensure you find the correct cover for your particular application.

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