Internal and Hygiene Cladding

Interior cladding is a viable and cost-effective alternative to ceramic tiles. Completely waterproof, quick to install and easy to maintain, decorative PVC internal cladding panels can be used in variety of settings, including Bathrooms, Kitchens, Conservatories, Utility Rooms, Offices and Shops.

Please note: products in this range have a delivery lead time of 3 - 5 days.

Our interior cladding is available in a range of styles and colours suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms as well as offices and commercial applications.  

Perfect for use on walls and as ceiling coverings interior cladding will provide you with an attractive look throughout your property. Products connect and overlap using a tongue and groove and are light and easy to install meaning that they are virtually maintenance free.

Our PVC Panels hold a Class 1 Fire Rating.


Interior Cladding panels are simple to install using either mechanical fixings or an impact adhesive such as Pinkgrip or Stixall. Preparation and installation time and cost is often reduced leading to significant financial benefits overall. 

For more information on installation please visit our Guides & Tips section.


Can PVC Panels be fixed directly on top of old ceramic tiles?

If the existing tiles are securely fixed you can use a panel adhesive to stick the panels directly to the tiles. You should ensure that the additional thickness of the panelling over the tiles does not foul and taps, shower controls or doors.

Is PVC Panelling suitable for use in a shower?

Absolutely. Our Shower Panel range is made for this purpose, but you can also you use our standard bathroom panels.

Can PVC Panels be used to cover a ceiling?

Yes, the panels work equally well on walls or ceilings, check out our purpose made Ceiling Panel range.

Is it cheaper than using traditional tiles?

Whilst the price of ceramic tiles varies hugely depending upon size, style and finish, the preparation and installation times are much greater, generally leading to higher installation costs. The installation of PVC Panel is much simpler so you should be able to achieve significant savings in this area - and a reasonably adept DIYer could fit the panels themselves, so you may be able to completely eliminate fixing costs.

Will it help reduce condensation?

As PVC panels are warm, condensation won't form on them. However this does not mean that condensation will not form at all, and all bathrooms and kitchens should still be fitted with extractor fans to comply with the relevant building regulations.

I am installing a new bathroom – when should I fit the panelling?

The panelling should ideally be fitted after the bath or shower has been securely fixed in place, following the steps laid out in our fixing instructions. The washbasin and WC should be fitted after the panelling has been installed.

Can PVC panels be installed in other rooms as well?

Yes. Our panelling is suitable for use in a variety of other environments such as kitchens, bedrooms, utility rooms, in shops or offices. If you are using these products in a kitchen, you should not use the panels in any area where the temperature may exceed 50 degrees C (i.e.. beside an oven or hob).

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