Steel Fencing

Our steel fencing from FH Brundle is a great contemporary choice for any property. Designed with style and security in mind, these fencing panels are durable, able to withstand anything the Great British weather has to throw at it.

With quick and easy installation, protecting your property has never been easier – or more stylish! Our steel fence panels are offered in a range of different designs, so whatever appearance you want to create in your outdoor area, you can do it with steel fencing.

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Features & Benefits of Steel Fencing

The benefits offered by steel fencing are endless. Durable and secure, these fencing panels are capable of lasting for years without the need for excessive maintenance or replacements. Supplied with a galvanised powder coating to prevent rusting and mould growth, our range of steel fencing adds not only security, but also value to the property. The fence panels pair perfectly with steel gates, which together will create a secure boundary between your property and any nearby neighbours or public areas. This will help to keep any pets and children safe, as well as keeping unwanted people out!

Finally, steel fencing offers sleek and contemporary aesthetics that will blend into the plant life in your garden. The dark colouration as well as the slatted design allow for a subtle but secure garden boundary.

Steel Fencing – Technical Specification

All steel fence panels in the range are offered in a black finish. The range also includes everything you’ll need to complete your installation, including mid posts, corner posts, end posts, and post caps. Products in the steel fence collection range in height from 863mm to 1155mm.

Steel Fencing Further Information

To find out more about our range of steel fencing, take a look at our guides and tips. You can also contact our team for assistance – we're always happy to help, whether it’s providing expert guidance or advising on pricing.

Steel Fencing FAQs

Does steel fencing rust over time?

The short answer is yes. Steel does have a natural resistance to rust, but this unfortunately won’t last forever with prolonged exposure to the elements. While our steel fence panels come with a pre-galvanised powder coating to prevent rusting for as long as possible, it is natural that steel fencing will rust over time due to weathering. The fence panels are also supplied in a black finish, which will not show rusting as soon as lighter colours would.

How long does steel fencing last?

Steel fencing is super tough and durable thanks to the wrought metal material, so you can rest assured that it will stand up to the elements for years to come! Steel fence panels have been known to last for around 20 years, and that’s with minimal maintenance.

What is the best colour for steel fencing?

The best colours to paint your steel fencing are black, bronze, dark green, or dark grey. This is because lighter colours will show rust stains much more visibly, whereas darker colours will stay in better condition for longer.

How easy is it to install steel fencing?

Depending on your level of knowledge and experience with similar projects, steel fencing can be self-installed. However, if you’re not sure, it’s always best to use a contractor – the last thing you want is to install the panels incorrectly and potentially cause damage to them.

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