Mini Gutter

For use on small roof areas, such as sheds, conservatories, greenhouses and carports. The system incorporates 76mm Gutter with 50mm Downpipe and fittings. Mini Gutter is an easy to install gutter system featuring single-fix gutter brackets and downpipe clips. Install it on your shed and it will greatly increase the life of the shed timbers by removing the occurrence of water damage from shed roof run-off.

Mini Gutter Colour Options

Colours available in the Mini Gutter range are Black, Brown and White. Black is our most popular option for sheds alongside brown, whereas white is more commonly used for painted summerhouses.

Mini Gutter Guarantee

The system carries a full ten year colour guarantee and a 20 year performance guarantee as with all of our other PVC gutter systems. It is covered by a British Standards Institute Kitemark - KM501316.

Shed Gutter Packs

In addition to all of the individual Mini Gutter components we also sell a range of shed gutter packs. These come in a range of sizes and colours to suit the various styles and options for the most common shed sizes. The shed pack contains all the required components to provide a complete gutter and downpipe system for the shed.

Installation of Mini Guttering

Installation of mini gutters is exactly the same as for standard PVC Gutters with all the same fittings available. Fascia brackets and downpipe clips for this system are fixed via a single screwhole for fast installation. For further tips on gutter installation in general, please visit our Guides and Tips section for further details. You can also watch our quick PBSL Group video on Mini Gutters overview below;

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