250mm Drainage Pipes

Our 250mm drainage pipes represent a significant upgrade from the standard 200mm pipes, making them ideal for various applications that demand the handling of larger wastewater and stormwater volumes. With solid wall construction adhering to BS EN 1401-1 standards, these pipes offer exceptional adaptability.

Increased Capacity with 250mm Sewer Pipes

  • Larger Residential Properties: These pipes effectively manage wastewater from multiple bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, and potentially additional fixtures in larger homes with several occupants. They ensure the efficient removal of wastewater without overloading the drainage system.
  • Commercial Buildings with High Occupancy: Offices, restaurants, shops, and other commercial buildings with a high volume of water usage from toilets, sinks, dishwashers, and other appliances benefit from the increased capacity of 250mm drainage pipes. They prevent system backups and ensure smooth wastewater removal.
  • Light Industrial Applications: Smaller factories, processing plants, or workshops that don't generate extremely high-flow effluent can utilise 250mm drainage pipes for their wastewater disposal needs. They offer a balance between capacity and cost-effectiveness for these applications.

Determining the Right Size for Your Project

It's important to note that local building codes and the specific volume of wastewater or stormwater to be managed will ultimately determine the most suitable pipe size for your project. Consulting with a qualified plumber or drainage professional can provide valuable advice and ensure you select the appropriate sewer pipes for your specific needs.

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