Here at Professional Building Supplies, we stock two types of high-quality flat roofing systems, PRO GRP & ClassicBond EPDM, as well as a variety of corrugated and polycarbonate sheets

For both systems, we sell kits on our website, with or without tools, for roofs with an area of up to 50m2. The individual components of the kits can also be purchased separately if you are in need of a few extra supplies. Both systems are resistant to extreme weather and are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. We also stock Guardian's composite slate roofing system, a modern and innovative solution to tile roofing that features many benefits over traditional roofing tiles.

Whether you need a roof for your conservatory, carport, lean-to, or canopy, polycarbonate roofing sheets are the best choice. Our polycarbonate sheets are available in a Clear, Opal, Bronze, Bronze/Opal, or Solarguard finish. They are available in a range of sheet thicknesses, from 10mm to 35mm. For other outdoor projects, like greenhouses, shelters, canopies, walkways, pools, partitions, cold frames, or verandahs, you can use corrugated roofing sheets as they are more rigid, and require more precise cutting and fitting, and can block out sunlight. Our corrugated roofing sheets come in different materials, like stormproof, PVC, GRP, or bitumen. 

If you have a larger roof size than our base flat roofing kits provide for, or if you have specific requirements, please feel free to contact us, as we can provide something bespoke for you. We also stock skylights that go perfectly with a flat roof system; they can be purchased at one of our branches, or you can order them over the phone, and we can get them delivered within a 40-mile radius of our branches.

What are the Benefits of GRP Roofing?

  • There is a range of profiled edge trims to suit all applications.
  • Low styrene emission resins.
  • UV resistant.
  • Fully resistant to wind uplift.
  • An anti-slip-resistant finish is available.
  • Fire retardant (BS476 PART3 EXT.F.AB).
  • 25-year materials guarantee (only when installed by Cromar-approved tradesmen)
  • No joints, no seams, and no leaks.
  • Heat resistant
  • Storm proof
  • Frost proof
  • Impact resistant
  • Durable enough to resist foot traffic

What are the Benefits of A ClassicBond EPDM Roof?

  • The ClassicBond membranes offer full resistance to all extremes of weather, and will not crack, peel or split at temperatures between -40 Degrees Celsius and +120 Degrees Celsius
  • Resistant to UV and ageing.
  • Testing has proven these roofs function like new after three decades of exposure.
  • ClassicBond membranes hold the highest European fire ratings.
  • Large choice of products to suit any flat roof project of any size and complexity.
  • Flexible, durable & maintenance-free.
  • Heat and flame-free installation.
  • Environmentally friendly choice
  • 20-year membrane warranty and service life in excess of 35 years, proven for 50 years.

Features & Benefits of Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

  • Lightweight but has excellent durability and impact resistance
  • Translucent and let in natural light whilst blocking harmful UV rays
  • Great thermal insulation features
  • Flexible and can be easily bent or curved to fit different shapes and angles
  • Fire-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Sustainable and can be recycled or reused

Features & Benefits of Corrugated Roofing Sheets

  • Increased impact resistance due to their undulating design
  • Aesthetically pleasing and bring more character and depth to the look of your home or building
  • Effective in draining water and preventing rainwater from penetrating the roof
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and install, especially if they are made of bitumen or PVC
  • Maintenance-free if installed correctly and do not require painting or sealing
  • Versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as garages, sheds, carports, canopies, greenhouses, and more

Features & Benefits of Guardian Slate Roofing

  • Up to 60% lighter than traditional slate tiles
  • A grade fire rated on a standard membrane
  • Quick and easy installation with pre-marked fixing guides
  • 100% recyclable
  • Ideal for both new and replacement roof projects
  • Cheaper than traditional roofing tiles

Have a browse through each range and find out which roofing system is best for you.

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