Durapost Fence Posts

Our range of fence posts from DuraPost create a stylish and secure framework for most types of fence panel as well as fence boards. They are manufactured using galvanised steel here in the UK, making them super long-lasting and low maintenance. Plus, at the end of their very long lifespan, DuraPost fence posts can be recycled, making them a totally green choice for your fencing installation!

Available with a wide range of matching accessories to create a secure and aesthetically pleasing fencing border, DuraPost fence posts help to keep your fence secure in any weather conditions. Tested to withstand wind speeds up to 110mph, you can rest assured that your fence will stay secure and stable through rain or shine when it’s installed with DuraPost fence posts.

DuraPost fencing posts are designed to be used with DuraPost composite fencing panels, but they can be used with almost any fence panel or board.

Features & Benefits of DuraPost Fence Posts


DuraPost fence posts are tested against wind speeds up to 110mph to ensure that in the event of a storm, they keep your fencing safe and secure.


Supplied with a 25-year guarantee, DuraPost fence posts will not warp, crack, or rot over time. Manufactured in the UK using galvanised steel, the fence posts are strong and secure enough to withstand just about any adverse conditions!

Low maintenance

Once you’ve installed DuraPost fence posts, they won’t require any additional treatments! The fencing posts are also resistant to rust, splitting, and rot, so you can rest assured that your fencing will last for years to come with minimal maintenance required!


DuraPost fence posts are similar in price to concrete fencing posts but host a whole range of additional benefits that make them a much more favourable choice thanks to the durable and secure galvanised steel.


Offered in four stunning colours, including natural sepia brown and olive grey as well as a traditional galvanised finish, our fence posts from DuraPost can be used with most types of fence panel.

DuraPost Fence Posts – Technical Specification

  • Supplied with a 25-year guarantee
  • 100% recyclable once they reach end of life
  • Resistant to rotting, warping, rusting, and cracking
  • Wind tested to speeds of up to 110mph
  • Wide range of accessories available

DuraPost Fence Posts Further Information

To find out more about our range of fence posts from DuraPost, take a look at our guides and tips. You can also contact our team for assistance – we're always happy to help, whether it’s providing expert guidance or advising on pricing.

DuraPost Fence Posts FAQs

Are DuraPost fence posts better than concrete fence posts?

DuraPost fence posts are much lighter than concrete, meaning that not only will you be able to install them much faster than concrete posts, but you can also install them with just one person!

Because they are manufactured using 100% galvanised steel, DuraPost fence posts can also be recycled once they need to be replaced – something that you can’t do with concrete!

Overall, DuraPost fencing posts have many more benefits than concrete posts do, plus they’re priced around the same as concrete posts.

Can DuraPost be cut to fit the height of my fence panels?

Yes, you can cut Durapost fence posts using an angle grinder.

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