Plumbing Supplies

Here at Professional Building Supplies we hold in-depth stocks of specialist plumbing supplies including copper tube, the FloFit+ push fit system, brass compression fittings, end feed and solder ring fittings, taps, valves, adaptors and accessories including a range of plumbers tools.


FloFit+ fittings by FloPlast are designed for use with both copper pipe and the FloFit+ flexible pipe. All fittings are a simple push fit and are reusable, with no tools required. The system is WRC approved and carries the British Standards Kitemark.

Fittings can be used with either copper tube or FloFit+ pipe. The system is suitable for domestic hot and cold water services and central heating applications, including pressurised and combi systems


Compression fittings are a simple way to make a watertight joint without the need for solder or heat. Simply slip the nut and olive over the tube (make sure the end of the tube is clean and square), apply a suitable jointing compound around the olive (the most commonly used is Boss Green / White) and tighten with grips or adjustable spanners.


These fittings are possibly better known by the trademarked name Yorkshire Fittings. The fitting itself contains a solid ring of solder which is heated to operating temperature. To obtain perfect joints, the inside of the fitting and the outside of the copper pipe are cleaned using coarse steel wool, flux paste is applied, the pipe is inserted into the fitting and heat applied from a blow torch until a ring of solder shows at the edges of the fitting. To obtain a durable joint, water must not be poured on the solder joint to cool it - the joint will cool naturally and permanently in the space of a few minutes.


More commonly used by tradesmen, these fittings work in the same way as solder ring fittings, with the difference being that with end feed fittings, there is no integral solder ring – the solder is applied from a solder reel by the operative when the flux reaches the correct operating temperature.


Our Copper tube comes in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm diameters, and in handy 1.5m lengths. For those wishing to buy larger quantities we also sell all sizes of copper tube in 30m bundles (or 15m in the case of 28mm) at a discounted rate. All of our tube is Table X, which is the recognised standard for above ground domestic plumbing and heating and water services in the UK.


This is the heading that we give to all those adaptors and connectors that are so useful yet so difficult to find online. Brass Bushes and Nipples, Plugs, Caps, Radiator Plugs and Keys and a variety of other useful adaptors.

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