V Joint Cladding

Our 100mm V Joint Cladding is manufactured by Floplast. It carries a ten year colour and performance guarantee and a reaction to fire classification of D-s3, d2/(AHM) (please read more below on fire safety for our V Joint Cladding).

V Joint is a smaller profile than Shiplap with a less-pronounced overlap. It is often referred to as Tongued and Grooved Cladding and is ideal for sheds, garages and outbuildings.

Each 5m x 100mm board covers an area of 0.50 square metres. A full range of trims is available to complement this range which is available in White, Black Ash, Golden Oak and Rosewood.


Our V Joint Cladding comes in a range of colour finishes including: 

  • White
  • Black Ash
  • Golden Oak
  • Rosewood

Board sizes are 100mm x 5m boards and either come individually or in a pack of 5 – one of these V Joint boards will cover 0.5 of a square metre.


Our PVC Cladding ranges come with a 10-year guarantee covering product performance and significant discolouration. To view Floplast's full Cladding performance guarantee document, click here.

Is PVC V Joint Cladding Safe?

Our FloPlast cladding boards carry a reaction to fire classification of D-s3, d2/(AHM). This means that the system is not classified as non-combustible and may be used on buildings with no storey 18m or more above the ground and 1m or more from a boundary. With minor exceptions, the system should be included in calculations of unprotected area.

Although the spread-of-flame across the surface of PVC is limited, the material does tend to char and may fall away when exposed to fire. Due consideration should always be given to any combustible materials behind the cladding, which may become exposed in the event of fire. Where necessary, cavity barriers should be incorporated behind the cladding, as required under the relevant national Building Regulations


Our V Joint Cladding system has been assessed and given an A+ rating which allows the specifier or housebuilder to claim the code for sustainable homes maximum of three points when using PVC cladding on an external wall system.


The range comes in standard lengths of 5 metres and is relatively straight forward to install

If the installation is over walls which are not weather tight themselves or which are in exposed locations it is recommended that a suitable backing membrane be used to ensure the water tightness of the application.  

When it comes to installation it is important that the correct trims are used in the correct places - you should always start the installation with a starter trim, in which the first board is fixed. You can then fix that board on to your batten using a 30mm stainless steel cladding nail - the next board can cover the joint and the edges of the installation can be covered by using a universal channel.

If you are going around a corner, we have a corner trim which has openings to accept the cladding at 90 degrees to each other. Joint trims can be used to allow for expansion between the boards.

Two-part trims can be used for the top edge and finishing under a soffit or window and drip trims can be used under a window.

There are detailed installation instructions and helpful videos available in our Guides and Tips Section.

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