315mm Drainage Pipes

For substantial underground drainage needs, our 315mm pipes are among the largest standard diameters available. These pipes excel at managing high volumes of wastewater and stormwater, thanks to their considerable size. Constructed with a solid wall, they comply with the BS EN 1401-1 standard and offer excellent adaptability for various applications.

High-Volume Drainage Solutions with 315mm Sewer Pipes:

  • For Expansive Industrial Sites: Ideal for manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and other large-scale industrial environments, these sewer pipes can accommodate the heavy flow associated with industrial waste. They are designed to withstand chemical exposure and the rigours of industrial waste.
  • For Major Commercial Properties: The 315mm pipes are perfect for shopping malls, corporate buildings, and grand hotels where high occupancy demands efficient drainage solutions.
  • For Dense Residential Complexes: Multi-unit residential buildings, such as condominiums and dormitories, necessitate a dependable drainage infrastructure. Our 315mm sewer pipes provide a reliable solution for effective waste disposal across numerous residences.

Key Points to Consider: 

Installing these large-diameter pipes is a significant undertaking that often involves meticulous planning and compliance with local regulations. We strongly advise consulting with a drainage expert to ensure proper installation. Due to their weight, 315mm pipes may require specialised handling and installation equipment.

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