Standard Woodgrain Decking

Our Standard Composite Decking range is made from 95% recycled wood and plastic. The composite panels are both eco-friendly and cost-effective, supplied with a 10-year warranty. They are one of the safest options on the market as they come with an anti-slip and anti-splinter surface, making them perfect for families with children and pets.  

WPC decking is low maintenance as it does not require cleaning or painting on a regular basis due to its longevity and resistance to fade from UV rays. As well as being highly durable, it is also easy to install, with a hidden fixing system, making its installation seamless and smart. 

The standard decking boards are double sided – one side of the boards mirrors traditional decking boards while the other has wider grooves, allowing you to pick an original style for your outdoor space.  

Our standard woodgrain decking boards are available in three stunning colours: dark grey, mid grey, grey and redwood. We also supply all associated supports and fixings 

What is the lifespan of composite decking?  

Composite decking boards last significantly longer than any timber wood decking. Our standard range comes with a 10-year warranty, while the premium Forma range comes with a 25-year warranty. The usual lifespan of timber decking is around 10 years with the proper maintenance and care. In contrast, our composite decks last far longer and with a minimum maintenance: a quick wash with soapy water once a year is enough.  

What are the Advantages of Composite Decking?


Composite decking has a longer lifespan than timber decks, and they come with a minimum of 10-year warranty. They are also incredibly low maintenance and do not require any painting, staining, or sealing. Buy well, buy once! 

Slip Resistant

Ecoscape composite decking boards have an anti-slip and no splintering surface, making them perfect for any outdoor space with children and pets.  

UV Stable

With our composite decks you do not have to worry about degradation from UV light as they have a stabilizer added to the resin which allows for protection and long-term damage.  

Fast & Easy Installation 

Installation is made simple and easy by the hidden fixing system, allowing for a smart and seamless finish.  

What are the Lifestyle Benefits of Composite Decking?  

Environmental consciousness

If sustainability is key to you, choosing a composite deck is the right option. Our decking boards are made from more than 95% recycled materials, making them the perfect choice for those who want to make an eco-friendlier choice. 

Lifestyle Improvements

WPC Decking can increase the quality of your lifestyle beyond your expectations. Not only will your outdoor space look modern and stylish, but it will also be safe for anyone involved due to the anti-slip and anti-splinter surface. Moreover, it will create a space for you to entertain friends and enjoy all year round. However, one of the best aspects of our composite range is that its installation can increase the value of your property! Having a usable outdoor space will attract prospective buyers, so you will be able to not only enjoy the benefits now but also in the future – a truly worthwhile investment.  

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