Water and Gas Pipe

PBSL's MDPE water pipe is manufactured to BS 6572:1985 and is available in size diamater 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm & 63mm. We stock both Blue and Black options.

Coil sizes vary from 25m to 150m. 

For brownfield or contaminated sites we also stock Barrier Pipe, which contains an impermeable aluminium central lining.

Choose the type of pipe you require from the links below, or click here to view our wide range of MDPE fittings.

MDPE Blue Water Pipe is used to supply clean water to domestic properties and industrial premises that are not built on brownfield sites. The standard size for domestic use is 25mm, although this varies depending upon local site circumstances.

Black Water Pipe is used for supplying non potable (water not fit for drinking) for irrigation, industrial and treated sewage outflow purposes. It uses the same fittings as standard Blue MDPE pipe.

Barrier Pipe is used on contaminated ground - usually brownfield sites previously occupied by industry. It contains an internal barrier wall to prevent any contamination from entering the water supply.

MDPE Gas pipes are used to supply natural gas and LPG services to domestic and commercial premises.

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