Cast Iron Gutter - Ogee

Our Ogee Cast Iron gutter is the ideal shape for people looking for guttering similar to that of the traditional Victorian designs. We offer three differing styles of Cast Iron Ogee Gutters, which enhance all styles of property.

Moulded and Notts Ogee gutter profiles have more pronouced flutes, where as our standard ogee has softer, more rounded curves.

Because the Ogee profile is asymmetrical,  all fittings such as stopends and downpipe outlets can be either left or right handed. For the same reason, gutter angles will be either external or internal.

External corners appear to lead away from you when stood in front them - this is the most common type of angle. Internal corners are commonly found at the bottom of a roof valley. Every fitting such as outlets and corners have a plain end and a socketed end - sockets are consistently located on the left side of every fitting when stood before the gutter. Looking at the product images will make this clear, but if you are in need of any additional assistance then please do get in touch.