Stone Paving

Stone paving slabs offer unique aesthetics to any outdoor area. With a variety of types and styles to choose from, our range of stone paving is guaranteed to elevate your space.

Stone Paving

Limestone paving slabs feature a unique appearance, with embedded pieces of small shells and fossils interspersed throughout the stone slabs.
  • Natural Veining
  • Hard-Wearing
  • Small Fossil Additions
  • Contemporary Style
Slabs from £7.23 (excl. VAT)
Sandstone paving is a great natural option for paving outdoor areas like patios and pathways.
  • Range of Surface Finishes
  • Elegant Colour Options
  • Pack Options Available
  • Non-Slip Surface
Slabs from £8.68 (excl. VAT)

Stone Paving Features & Benefits

The range includes sandstone paving and limestone paving, both of which provide their own benefits and looks to your chosen space. Sandstone is a great option for all properties, rural or urban – it is offered in a wide variety of colours to suit any space. Limestone is low maintenance and hard-wearing, able to withstand all conditions that the great British weather has to offer. There really is something in the range for every property!

  • Wide Range of Products With a variety of different colours, styles, and sizes, our stone paving range has something for every outdoor space.
  • Natural Materials Our stone paving is produced using 100% natural sandstone and limestone with no man-made materials.
  • Versatile Whether you want to create a sleek, modern space, or a traditional, rustic outdoor area, we have stone paving to suit your needs.
  • High Durability Both sandstone and limestone paving are hard-wearing materials, so providing they are installed correctly they will be long-lasting.

Stone Paving Technical Specification

Stone Paving Technical Specification

It is natural that the stone paving will weather over time due to exposure to the elements, but this isn’t a bad thing – stone paving only gets better with age!

We supply grout for our paving range in a variety of colours. Be sure to check out our grout compatibility guide to ensure that you are using the correct grout colour for your paving colour!

Some types of paving may experience changes in colour over time, particularly darker limestone colours. This provides a rustic, weathered look, but if you’d like for your stone to retain the original colour, there are treatments that can be applied to the surface of the slabs to aid this.

Stone Paving Further Information

Because our whole range of stone slabs is manufactured using naturally occurring materials, no two slabs are the same, with distinctive veining, harmonious variations in shade, and even shards of fossils and shells found in the stone.

Which stone is best for paving?

Tough yet easier to work with than other natural stone alternatives, sandstone is known to be one of the best paving materials. Limestone is also a great choice, offering unique contemporary aesthetics.

Is sandstone easy to maintain?

It couldn’t be easier! This hard-wearing stone can be cleaned by pressure washing, without causing damage to the material.

What happens if you don’t seal limestone paving?

If left unsealed, limestone can become stained or scratched much more easily. It’s always best to ensure that your stone paving is sealed before installation to avoid this.

How do I maintain limestone paving?

Because limestone is an acidic material, it’s a good idea to routinely clean it with a pH-neutral cleaner. Household detergents are generally acidic and should be avoided, as this will cause damage to the limestone.

Stone Paving Installation and Maintenance

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Stone Paving Delivery and Returns

London Stone Delivery & Returns

Our general Delivery & Returns policy can be found here. Below you can consult specific details regarding Delivery & Returns of London Stone products.


  • All London stone products are delivered directly from the manufacturer and are on a 1 - 3 working day delivery lead time.
  • Any orders containing any products from paving and stone wall cladding ranges are subject to a delivery charge of £60 + VAT. DesignClad products are subject to a £120 + VAT delivery charge.
  • If HIAB delivery is required, this may come at an additional price dependant on your location, which we will advise of once we have received your order, if you would like to find out if this is applicable before ordering, please give us a call.


  • London Stone products can be returned up to 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Products are to be returned in the same condition and packaging.
  • No returns for bespoke or pre-sealed items.
  • You will be responsible for returning the material to London Stone. Collection can be made by us but this will incur a collection cost.
  • Returns of London Stone products incur a 20% restocking fee.