Mineral Composite Decking

Deckorators’ mineral composite decking system is the latest addition to our growing decking range at Professional Building Supplies. Made from innovative Eovations™ mineral based technology, this decking features the best of both worlds, combining the light weight and ease of installation of PVC with the authentic appearance and slip resistant finish of wood composites. Our mineral composite decking is available in two finishes, Sierra and Khaya.

What benefits does mineral composite decking have over timber?

Unlike traditional timber decking, mineral based composite decking will not crack, rot or sag and it is also Class C fire retardant, featuring a flame spread rating of between 76 and 200.

. Thanks to Deckorators’ stowaway hidden fasteners, mineral decking is easy to install and does not require any pre-drilling. These fasteners automatically space the planks with the appropriate gap size, removing any guesswork. Mineral decking also features a 25 year guarantee.

What is mineral composite decking made from?

Deckorator’s mineral decking is made from mixing polypropylene and calcium carbonate together before cavitating it in order to add small air pockets. This makes the planks lightweight yet extremely robust. The fibre-like structure offers a similar structure to wood, but it does not absorb moisture and does not stain or fade in colour.

What applications is mineral composite decking suitable for?

Mineral composite decking is suitable for a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications such as gardens, parks, playgrounds, holiday parks, campgrounds and more. It is safe to install around swimming pools as mineral decking does not absorb water and is not affected by standard swimming pool chemicals such as chlorine. The decking can be installed in any weather conditions but should never be installed on top of existing decking planks and should only be installed directly onto structural joists.

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