Cast Iron Downpipes

In contrast to most plastic rainwater downpipes, cast iron rainwater pipe and its assorted fittings is vastly more ornamental. With conventional eared sockets, a broad variety of bends and a plentiful range of visually attractive hoppers, our cast downpipes can make any property stylish. 

Our cast iron systems are provided by Hargreaves, a long-established foundry located in Halifax, Yorkshire. They have been manufacturing cast iron products since the 1880’s, and furthermore are the number one supplier of Cast Iron rainwater products in the UK market. With all of their years of experience of pouring cast metal products, we also offer the option of custom manufacturing if needed for more wide-scale projects - for more details, please contact us. 

Our downpipes come in a range of shape options including square, circular and rectangle shaped profiles, in both transit primer or factory painted black colour options, in a selection of different sizes.