400mm Drainage Pipes

At 400mm in diameter, these pipes represent some of the most robust drainage solutions available. They are specifically engineered to handle exceptional volumes of wastewater and stormwater efficiently. Manufactured with solid walls and adhering to the rigorous BS EN 1401-1 standard, they ensure a reliable and long-lasting drainage system.

Addressing heavy-duty industrial drainage challenges

  • Industrial Facilities: 400mm drainage pipes provide the required capacity for factories, processing plants, and other industrial settings that manage significant wastewater flow. They can effectively handle high volumes, as well as the potential presence of chemicals commonly found in industrial effluent.
  • Power Plants and Manufacturing: Large-scale power plants and manufacturing facilities frequently require robust drainage systems to manage substantial wastewater from various processes. These 400mm pipes guarantee efficient removal of this high-volume wastewater.

Important Considerations for Installation

Due to their substantial size and potential environmental impact, meticulous planning and strict adherence to local building codes are crucial when installing 400mm drainage pipes. We highly recommend involving qualified drainage professionals to ensure a successful and compliant installation. Additionally, these pipes are very heavy, requiring specialised equipment and expertise for handling and placement.

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