5 Key Benefits Of A Copper Gutter System

Choosing a copper gutter system brings a whole host of additional benefits that a typical rainwater system may not. Largely thanks to its ultra-durable composition but there are also a few other plus-points that you might not have expected.

1. Copper gutter durability

Believe it or not, copper has been used to make things for at least 8,000 years, with one of the oldest surviving copper-based artefacts dating back to 5100 B.C. – durability proven!

In terms of using copper for your gutter system, exposure to the elements doesn’t make the metal rust, wear out or crack. In fact, copper almost thrives in these conditions, but we’ll cover that later. 

Compared to other materials, a copper gutter system is by far the most durable option along with cast iron - expected to last for 100+ years requiring only minor maintenance.

2. Copper patina effect (Verdigris patina)

Remember we mentioned how copper almost thrives in the outdoors? Well, this refers to how the material begins to oxidise when exposed to water and air and essentially forms a green layer (known as Verdigris patina) to protect itself from the elements.

So, if a copper gutter system is installed in its shiny, bronzed state – after a few weeks you will see the colour begin to mellow as the oxidisation process starts to take place. Over the years, the patina will have taken full-effect and the system has evolved into a green/blue colour.

It’s good to think of it as a new coat of armour to help protect itself against the elements and is ultimately what provides its ultra-durable qualities. All the time remaining pleasing to the eye – particularly on a period building and/or manor house.

You can also speed up the process by treating the copper gutter system using a specialist Verdigris solution. After just 2 hours of application, the system will develop and have achieved the full Verdigris patina state.

3. Virtually no maintenance

Where other materials are prone to cracking or rusting when exposed to the elements, there may be some leaks and requirements for replacements here and there as the years go by. Whereas, aside from the occasional leaf/debris clearance, a copper gutter system will withstand years and years of weathering with ease.

After successful installation of a new copper gutter system, you can quite literally sit back, relax and begin enjoying the stress-free gutter system for years to come.

4. Eco-friendly & fully recyclable

As a 100% recyclable product, a copper gutter system is quickly becoming the material of choice for natural/sustainable builds, The desire to reduce the carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet is more prevalent than ever, so it comes as no surprise that orders for copper-based rain systems are on the rise.

5. Easy install

Where some gutter systems require a somewhat complex installation process, the copper gutter system by leading specialist manufacturer, COPPA GUTTA, is designed for easy install by any competent tradesperson.

The process of joining the copper gutter lengths together doesn’t require any specialist tools other than copper pop rivets alongside their silicone sealant.