Coated Timber Cladding

Our collection of timber cladding from IRO features high-quality, durable timber in a range of vibrant colours. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process inspired by the traditional Japanese wood preservation process of ‘yakisugi’, IRO’s charred timber cladding boards do not fade in colour like other timber cladding options. The manufacturing process also makes the woodgrain pattern much more striking and contrasting, which will make your property truly stand out from the rest.  

IRO timber cladding is available in a range of 10 attractive colours: 

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Timber Cladding Features & Benefits 

Standard timber is well known within the industry to be a difficult material to maintain the quality of, both structurally and in colour. With IRO timber wall cladding, this is a worry of the past – its innovative design allows for a totally natural timber siding that will not deteriorate in quality, as well as a vibrant range of colours from classic wood tones to sophisticated rainbow shades.  


During manufacture, IRO timber cladding undergoes a thorough process of kiln drying, heat enhancement, and pressure treatment; this is to give the usually porous and easily degraded wood material a much higher level of durability and robustness.

Standard timber cladding tends to require a large amount of maintenance, as well as replacement after some time, since it degrades quickly in both quality and colour from moisture exposure, but this is not the case with IRO exterior cladding.  

IRO exterior timber cladding is also finished with a protective wood cream, which makes it impervious to moisture – rather than seeping into the core of the board, water will pool on the surface. This prevents rot and algae from developing both within and on the surface of the board, meaning that they will last far longer than other timber cladding alternatives.  

Low maintenance 

Because of the protective wood cream applied to the cladding in the last step of the manufacturing process, IRO cladding requires far less maintenance than standard timber cladding. General dirt can be removed with soapy water – it’s important to note that IRO cladding should never be cleaned using a pressure washer, as this can have an impact on the quality of the timber.  

To keep the cladding looking fresh, IRO offers touch up cream in all colours to match the boards. This cream should be applied to any cut ends, just to create a seal to prevent moisture from penetrating the boards and can be applied to the surface of the boards to ensure UV stability and water prevention.  

Wide range of colours 

We offer IRO in 10 stunning colours, so there’s something for every property. Whether you’re looking for a traditional appearance with homely shades of brown or want a bright tone to make your property stand out, you can find the perfect colour with IRO cladding.  

The shades of IRO timber cladding available are: 

  • Charcoal – the darkest colour in the range, greyish black 
  • Dolphin a deep, rich chocolate tone 
  • Driftwood – a blend of cool greys and warm wood tones 
  • Mountaindark brown mixed with shades of grey 
  • Natural – a warm reddish brown with a deep woodgrain pattern 
  • Lagoon – shades of steel and blue  
  • Poppy – a true pop of colour with a vibrant red 
  • Sunflower – warm, sunny yellow with a rich brown woodgrain 
  • Sunset a bright, warm orange with a deep woodgrain pattern 
  • Woodland – shades of mossy green combined with greys and timber tones 

Timber Cladding Technical Specification  

IRO timber cladding is: 

  • Produced using 100% natural timber 
  • HVOC-free 
  • UV-stable  
  • Water repellent 
  • Eco-friendly  

The cladding features a square edge profile, and is offered in 3.6m lengths. It is manufactured using 100% natural, UK-grown larch timber.  

If you’d like to learn more about our coated timber cladding from IRO, you can find out more information on the guides & tips section of our website, which includes our thorough but simple installation guide.  

If you have any unanswered questions or need help with anything, then please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team – we're always happy to give a helping hand! 

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