Geotextile and Membranes

We stock a range of membranes including woven and non-woven geotextiles made from 100% polypropylene or polyester, damp proof and impermeable membranes. These membranes are ideal for separation, reinforcement, drainage and soil stabilisation applications.


Woven Geotextiles which are generally black in colour are most often used for stabilising and separating layers of soil during road and pavement construction as well as in gardening projects.

Woven membranes also help to reinforce aggregate layers on civil engineering projects, providing a separating layer which stops ruts from being created.


Non Woven Geotextile membranes give the best rates of water flow and filtration, and therefore they are commonly used to wrap the outer surfaces of water crates and land drains to prevent soil particles from entering and clogging the soakaway or land drain.

Both types of membrane can be supplied in full 100m rolls or by the metre. The width of each roll is 4.5m.

Damp Proof Membranes

Damp Proof Membrane provides a barrier for moisture. Usually used within building foundations it can also be used for a range of other damp proofing applications.

Made from recycled polythene material, this strong, PIFA standard and BBA (British Board of Agrement) accredited damp proof membrane comes in a choice of two standard gauges, 1000 gauge (250 Micron thick) and 1200 gauge (300 Micron). Both are compliant with the standards for damp proof membranes within building regulations, but the 1200 gauge is a more durable membrane intended for applications that will place more wear and tear on the membrane.

Impermeable Membranes

Unlike the permeable options, impermeable geotextile membranes do not allow any water to pass through them. They are used to retain water within an area or a structure, or to prevent water ingress into a specific area or structure.

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  1. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr Wide Per Metre
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  2. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
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  3. Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr Wide Per Metre
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  4. Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
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  5. Geotextile Protection Fleece - 2mtr x 50mtr Roll
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  6. Geotextile Protection Fleece - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
    1. Code TNW3000
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12 Items