Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

At Professional Building Supplies, we stock a large selection of Axiome polycarbonate sheets from top quality UK manufacturer Clear Amber. This range features nearly 500 unique sheet sizes across the finishes of clear, bronze and opal, and the thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 35mm. Each sheet is certified with a class 1 fire rating, is extremely weather resistant and have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. All of these properties make us confident that we have the perfect polycarbonate sheet for your project!

The high strength of polycarbonate sheets will alleviate the worry of shattering and leaving dangerous shards like glass, which is one of the main reasons why polycarbonate has risen in popularity in recent decades and traditional roofing materials are being left behind.

Features And Benefits Of Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Good thermal insulation
  • UV stabilised
  • Lightweight – reducing stress on structures
  • Easy to install and cut
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Class 1Y fire rating
  • Excellent rigidity

What Applications Can Axiome Polycarbonate Sheets Be Used For?

Axiome polycarbonate sheets can be used for a range of applications including greenhouse glazing, swimming pool roofs, carports, conservatories, school play areas, airport walkways, bus and smoking shelters, roof lights, shed windows and acoustic barriers.

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