Cover Boards - 9mm Anthracite Grey Woodgrain

A traditional 9mm UPVC Cover Board in Woodgrain Anthracite Grey, used for covering existing timber fascia or window boards.

Cover boards are also used on new installations, but with a timber backing board behind (we recommend 25mm thick sawn timber). 

The board is measured externally, ie. a 200mm Cover board will cover 191mm of existing timber. The return leg measures 42mm overall (33mm Internal).

Woodgrain PVC cover boards should be fixed using 2 x 50mm Polytop Nails no further than 400mm apart. This means that you should allow 26 nails for each 5m length.

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  1. Cover Board Internal Corner - 300mm Anthracite Grey
    1. Code RT7WA
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 300mm
    £12.57 £15.08
  2. Fascia Bargeboard Finial - 340mm Anthracite Grey Woodgrain
    1. Code RT23WA
    2. Brand FloPlast
    3. Size 340mm
    £12.09 £14.51
  3. Plastix 22A Silicon - 300ml Anthracite Grey
    1. Code SKPLAS22AANTH
    2. Brand Everbuild
    £5.60 £6.72
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14 Items