How to Clean Artificial Grass

How to Clean Artificial Grass

You’ve made a brilliant choice by installing artificial grass in your garden! You can have a green and stunning lawn all year round without the trouble of mowing or watering. But even though your artificial grass is easy to look after, it still needs some love and care once in a while. Here are some tips on how to clean and care for your artificial lawn.

Get Rid of Any Loose Debris

Fake grass for gardens can gather leaves, twigs, and other bits of garden waste. Use a stiff broom to sweep away any unwanted items that have landed on your turf. This will stop them from getting stuck in the fibres.

Pro tip: Use a plastic rake instead of a metal one to avoid scratching the artificial grass.

Give It a Good Wash

When your garden artificial grass needs a more thorough cleaning, make a solution of warm water and normal dish soap. You can use a scrub brush to apply the soapy mixture to the fibres and remove any dirt from the blades. Then rinse well with clean water from the garden hose. Let the turf dry completely before letting the kids and pets back on it.

Remove Stains and Discolouration

Accidents happen! Grease from the barbecue or spilt juice—it’s no big deal! Tough stains can be removed with household cleaners like rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits. Apply carefully, and test first on a small area. For food and drink spills, make a paste of bicarbonate and water to scrub off the stain, and then make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Brush Up Those Blades

To get back that fluffy, real-looking look of the artificial grass, use a special astro turf rake to comb through the fibres. When you brush the blades regularly, you keep them from getting flat and compact and smooth out the wear patterns. Pay attention to high-traffic areas around play equipment, patio furniture, or the footie pitch.

Prevent Weeds and Moss from Growing

Moss and weeds can show up now and then, but they're not hard to get rid of. You can use a weed-killer liquid made for fake grass and let it soak in for a while before washing it off. To get rid of moss, mix lemon juice and dish soap and scrub it off the artificial grass. After treatment, make sure you rinse and dry the astro turf completely.

Distribute the Wear and Tear

Move around portable items like footie goals or slides to prevent the grass underneath from getting too worn out. Also, brush up flattened fibres and add extra infill material to support worn areas. Doing so will be good for your fake grass!

Taking care of your artificial turf properly helps extend its lifespan and keep your garden ready for any occasion. By following these simple steps, you can keep your fake grass for gardens in top shape for years of backyard barbecues and family fun.