Cast Iron Gutters - Features And Benefits

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Benefits of Cast Iron

Benefits of Cast Iron v2

Cast Iron gutters have been installed on properties in the UK since Victorian times, and many of those original installations are still in place now, bearing testament to the durability of this extraordinary product. Cast Iron is the most expensive guttering product that we sell, but its strength, resilience and sheer good looks makes it a very viable option for traditional style buildings.

How long will Cast Iron Gutters last?

The fact that Victorian gutter installations can still be seen regularly in the UK serves as proof that this material is very long lasting. Manufacturing techniques and protective paint coatings have advanced considerably since the 19th Century, so with the proper maintenance cast iron gutters should last at least fifty years and most probably much longer than that.

Cast Iron Guttering Design Options

The actual gutter profile is available in either traditional Half Round, Beaded Half Round, Box Section, Deepflow or three different styles of beautifully moulded Ogee, an attractively shaped profile with a scalloped front edge. Size options vary by range but most are available in 100mm (4"), 115mm (4 ½”) or 125mm (5”) sizes, with the 150mm (6") also available in Half Round. You can choose from either 65mm (2 ½”) or 75mm (3”) circular downpipes, or 100mm (4") for the 150mm Gutter. The downpipes and pipe fittings have integral fixing lugs, called ears – exactly as they would have done in Victorian times.

Cast Iron Gutter Colour Choice

Cast Iron Gutters are generally available in either a primed finish, or pre-painted gloss black. The black painted finish, which is the most popular, is a high quality process that is applied at the factory. The primer option allows you to choose the exact colour of your gutters if you want to match up to or complement other finishes on your property. It is however only a “transit” primer – sufficient to protect the material during transportation- meaning that the gutters will need to be correctly undercoated and glossed on site.

Sustainability of Cast Iron Gutters

Because cast iron lasts so long it reduces the need for other materials over its long lifespan, making it very eco-friendly. There is some evidence to suggest that the by- products of iron oxide actually promotes growth in plant life, although we wouldn’t suggest that this should be the main reason for choosing cast iron! What is certain though is that unlike some other guttering products cast iron is 100% recyclable.

Cast Iron Gutter Installation

Due to its bulky nature, cast iron gutters should be installed by two people working off of scaffold. It is however not a technically difficult product to install for contractors or anyone competent in DIY. Installation instructions can be downloaded here.

Best Suited To?

We think that Cast Iron Gutters look best when installed on period style houses and terraces. On barn conversions, particularly when some of the more traditional bracket options like rafter arms or rise and fall brackets are used, cast iron gutters can become a really eye-catching feature. On listed buildings cast guttering will often be a stipulation and if not it should at least always be given consideration.