Why Hargreaves Cast Iron Gutter Stands Out from the Competitors!

Our range of cast iron guttering and downpipes from Hargreaves Foundry are undoubtedly some of the best on the market. Durable, elegant, and strong, the cast iron guttering range is built to last for years to come.

If you need more convincing on why Hargreaves cast iron guttering stands out from the competitors, keep reading this article!

Even surface finish & metal thickness

The round rainwater pipes and half round guttering range from Hargreaves Foundry are centrifugally cast. This ensures that every single gutter and pipe length will not only be completely straight, but that it will also have an even surface finish as well as consistent thickness of metal throughout.

Hargreaves Foundry also use a cutting method that is specifically designed for their products, which ensures a clean, even finish, and consistent metal thickness throughout all pipes and gutters. Gutter lengths and pipes that aren’t manufactured in this way can have warped or wavy edges, which not only makes the gutter system look to be poor quality, but it also can make the guttering more difficult to install.

Finally, during manufacture, Hargreaves Foundry utilises a process called sand moulding for their fittings, a method in which they have over 140 years’ experience. This gives the fittings a completely even and smooth surface texture, and eliminates joint lines.

Integral sockets

Hargreaves vs Other Cast Iron GutterMost cast iron pipes on the market will be manufactured by having the barrel cast first, and then a separate socket glued on afterwards, which will lead to these components separating over the years, causing damage to your guttering system.

During the manufacturing process at Hargreaves Foundry, sockets are cast as an integral part of the pipe. This not only ensures that the internal flow is efficient and unobstructed, but most importantly that the socket will stay intact within the pipe.

The Hargreaves method of manufacturing pipes also allows for a wider pipe, enabling a higher rate of water flow. With a glued socket, the pipe diameter is reduced, whereas casting the socket during manufacture allows for a smooth, unobstructed joint.

Additional Finishing Options

While Hargreaves Foundry gutters and pipes are supplied in a transit primer finish as standard, they can also be painted at the Foundry to any BS or RAL colour required by the customer. Hargreaves worked with their paint manufacturer to develop a high gloss, two pack polyurethane paint specifically for their rainwater products. With the proper installation and care, this paint finish has a lifespan of 10+ years. Hargreaves can also colour match any customer supplied sample.

For properties in coastal areas, Hargreaves offer a heavy duty version of this paint finish to prevent corrosion from the airborne salt and water particles. This finish is suitable for properties that are within approx. 5 miles of a coastline.

Bespoke Rainwater Products

With fabrication facilities available on site at Hargreaves Foundry, there is also the option to replicate any existing rainwater system alongside their standard offering. Hargreaves are also able to manufacture bespoke products or systems from drawings or samples to suit individual customer requirements. Their inhouse team can even produce drawings for you, if all you have is an idea and some dimensions.


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