Composite Panel Cladding Overview

What is a composite cladding panel? 

Composite wall cladding is a new and enhanced type of cladding that performs better, more effectively, and requires less maintenance. It is made of recycled wood and plastic fibres, making it not only environmentally friendly but also extremely durable. Ecoscape’s composite panel cladding also features a tough polymer outer shell that surrounds the board and creates an impermeable layer that protects against scratching and fading. This type of cladding can be used for both internal and external renovations.  

What are the benefits of composite panelling 

Composite cladding can offer an abundance of benefits. We have summed up some of the most prosperous for you below:  

  • Durability – the panels are exceptionally long-lasting due to the blend of materials they are made of  
  • Effective and efficient insulation – the panels keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer  
  • Weather resistance – due to the materials it is manufactured from, composite cladding is not only water-resistant but also high winds and storm-resistant  
  • Noise reduction – the panels can reduce sound from both inside and outside  
  • Sustainability – the cladding panels are made from recycled wood and plastic fibres   

Is profiled sheet cladding the same as composite panels? 

The short answer is no - profiled sheet cladding is not the same as composite. The difference between the two is in the materials they are manufactured from – profiled sheet panels are usually made from coil or flat coated steel. They share some of the benefits of composite panels such as strength, durability, and lightweight. However, unlike exterior composite cladding, profiled sheet cladding is hard to install and maintain.  

If you have more questions regarding composite panel cladding, please do not hesitate to contact us.