Copper Gutter Install Images

This article contains various images of copper gutters installed in a variety of applications. We hope this page will assist you in deciding which style of copper gutter would suit your property more.

Copper On Wood House

The owner of the property above has decided to install the standard half round copper gutter on both their house and extension. All copper gutters look great when installed on properties that feature a lot of natural wood colour on the exterior. Both downpipes have been installed at the back of the property and they have made us of our swan neck kits to extend the downpipe to the corners of the building.

Copper Radius Gutter Install

This image shows off just how versatile Coppa Gutta can be in creating rainwater systems. Copper gutters can actually be created in a “radius” fashion that allows them to be used on circular roofs. This is ideal for smaller outhouse extensions or even wells.

Copper 135 Bends Install

The summer room in this photo has been fitting with the copper ogee system, however they have cut their 2.4mtr lengths into much smaller pieces and have connect them over corners with the 135 degree external corner fittings. Another colour that copper gutter goes well with, as shown in this image, is red and brown bricks.

Copper Gutter Install With Water Butt

This image features another half round copper guttering system, but this time the installer has diverted the water from their downpipe into a water butt for storage purposes. Again the copper blends well here with the brown bricks on the property as well as the dark wood door frames.