Deepflow PVC Gutter System Installation (Video)

Easy to install plastic guttering - a very well put together video from our partner FloPlast which shows you the exact process to follow along with the tools required to install our Deepflow System



FloPlasts fast fitting rainwater clip system tutorial:

This clip system is easy to install, even for a complete novice and is compatible with most metal and plastic guttering systems.

  1. Start by fitting the gutter end bracket just below the fascia using two 25mm by 5mm round head brass or zinc screws.
  2. Position the gutter outlet where the downpipe will be located, ensuring it is lower than the end bracket.
  3. Attach a piece of string between the outlet and the end bracket as a position guide for the other support brackets.
  4. Using a spirit level, ensure that there is a fall towards the outlet to allow the water to fall to the desired side.
  5. Using two 25mm by 5mm round head brass or zinc screws, attach the supporting fascia brackets evenly between the end bracket and the position of the gutter outlet or union piece, if used for longer spans.
  6. Ensure brackets are positioned at a maximum of 800 mm apart.
  7. Fit the first piece of guttering using the front to back rule.
  8. If required, fit a stop end supported by a bracket within 150mm of the stop end.
  9. For additional lengths of guttering, fit a union bracket and use a silicon lubricant for easy fitting.
  10. Ensure all pipework is cut and fitted to the indicated expansion line.
  11. To fit the downpipe, drop a plumb line from the outlet to correctly align the downpipe clips.
  12. Fit the uppermost lengths of the downpipe first, securing brackets with two 32mm by 6.5 round head brass or zinc screws.
  13. If angles or offset bends are used, then secure the brackets within 150mm of the fitting.
  14. For additional pieces of downpipe, use a socket and pipe clip.
  15. Finally, fit a shoe at the end of the downpipe.
  16. To stop the build-up of leaves, fit gutter and outlet guards.

For more information on fitting PVC Gutter Systems, see additional help and support tips on our website or contact one of our team today.