Freefoam Colourmax Technology

Colormax technologyFreefoam roofline products are manufactured using unique and patented Colourmax technology.

Freefoam is a colour specialist manufacturing one of the most technologically advanced colour PVC-UE fascia and soffit ranges using the unique patented Colormax technology. 

The Science Behind the Products

Products are manufactured using a co-extruded process. The core is made of a strong PVC-UE foam which is simultaneously co-extruded with a rigid PVC-U skin. Manufacturing in this way creates a smooth strong and hard-wearing surface. 

Quality Colours

An advanced master-batching process is included within the Colormax technology. This means a special dose of natural PVC is dosed with specific concentrations of pigment. This combination means that high-quality colours can be produced quickly and easily.

Colour Guaranteed

This process allows Freefoam to offer a 10-year colour guarantee on both the Storm Grey & Dark Grey colours*. 


*Terms and conditions apply.