Fix That Leaking Gutter!

Annoying gutter leak? Sealants and mastics will only delay the inevitable, so follow our 2 minute guide showing how to replace the offending joint.

If you have a leak in your gutter system, it’s most likely that it is coming from the rubber seal on the fittings.

  1. Remove the leaking union using a drill. You may have to pull back the roofing felt to give you access to the screws.
  2. Before fixing the new union, familiarise yourself with the insertion marks, located on the inside of the new fitting.
  3. When attaching the new union, make sure the roofing felt is not tucked behind the new fitting. Position the union in line with the old holes and use a drill to secure it in place.
  4. To install the new piece of guttering, insert the back edge first, up under the roofing tile. Then, spin the gutter back down in to position.
  5. Line up insertion marks in the fittings then pull the gutter down. The clips click into place and should secure the gutter.

Items you will need