How To Replace A Length Of Gutter

Watch our quick tutorial on how to remove a length of PVC Guttering and replace it with a new section.

Please note: Our PBS representative is working at a relatively low level. If you need to work at a higher level, consider using a tower, or if you feel uncomfortable to do so, please call in a professional.

  1. To release a piece of guttering, hold the clip that’s keeping it in place and pull it towards you. Complete this on every clip that is securing the piece of gutter.
  2. Once you’ve released all the clips, push the gutter forwards so that it rolls out from the clips. The gutter should roll out easily.
  3. Before replacing the piece of gutter, ensure that the felt from the roof falls inside the new piece and is not left tucked behind.
  4. To install the new piece of guttering, insert the back edge first, up under the roofing tile. Then, spin the gutter back down in to position.
  5. Line up insertion marks in the fittings then pull the gutter down. The clips click into place and should secure the gutter.