How to Measure a Tubular Latch


Tubular latches are the most common type of latch that are found on latched doors. When it comes to replacing or fitting a new one, there are a few measurements you’ll need to know that will inform your decision on what size of tubular latch you need. These measurements are the overall size of the latch and the backset. The diagram on the right shows where these measurements can be taken on a tubular latch that is not inside a door.


The more likely scenario however is that you don’t have a tubular latch to hand but need to know what size of latch you require to replace your old one. To determine this, you can find out the backset of the current tubular latch in your door by measuring from the edge of the door to the centre of the door’s stile. When shopping for a tubular latch, you should purchase one with a backset that matches your measurement the closest.

We offer both 67mm and 79.5mm overall length tubular latches which feature backsets of 45mm and 57.5mm respectively.


Replacing the existing tubular latch on a door with a new one is a quick and easy job, in order to do it, you will only need your new latch and a screwdriver.

  1. To begin, open your door and use your screwdriver to remove one of the door handles by unscrewing the screws that are attaching it, set them to one side.
  2. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the screws that are securing the face of the latch to the inside of the door.
  3. Stick the end of your screwdriver into the hole that previously housed the door handle that you removed in order to wedge the latch out from inside the door.
  4. Take your new latch and fit it into where you removed the previous latch from and make sure it is firmly in place.
  5. Once the new latch is in position inside the door, take the face plate of the new latch and place it over the newly fitted latch so that the screw holes line up.
  6. Place the screws from the latch your previously removed into the holes on the new latch face plate and screw them in fully to secure the latch into position.
  7. Re-fit the door handle that you removed at the beginning of the installation.
  8. Test that the latch is working properly by pressing it in with your thumb, pulling the door handle down and of course shutting it.

We hope that the information provided above provides you with enough information to be able to attempt this job yourself but if you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!