Can You Spray Paint Door Knobs and Other FAQs

Much like any other fixing or fastener, there’s bound to be questions surrounding their use. We’re here to answer some of the most common FAQs people ask about door knobs, from decorating to load bearing capacities! Keep on reading to find out more.

How Much Weight can a Door Knob Hold?

This all depends on the material of the door. Some doors are hollow wood, and in this case you probably wouldn’t want to hang more than a couple of coats or small bags at the risk of damaging the wood. Solid hardwood could probably withstand more weight, but the door knob covers such a small area of the door that too much weight pulling downwards coupled with the help of gravity isn’t the best idea, so try not to use your door handle for storage if you can avoid it!

Can You Spray Paint Door Knobs?

Yes! Painting your door knobs is a great way to freshen up your doors, giving them a new look. You won’t need many tools, simply a screwdriver, rubbing alcohol, some sandpaper, metal or suitable material spray paint, and a cardboard box.

  1. Remove your door knob from the door with your screwdriver. If you’re not sure how to do this, take a look at our how-to tutorial.
  2. Take the sandpaper to your door hardware – smoothing over the surface will help the new layer of paint adhere.
  3. Rub your door hardware down with rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface for painting, removing any dirt, dust or oil.
  4. Place your door hardware into the cardboard box, making sure the edges of the box are high enough to protect your surrounding area. You could lay some plastic or a sheet underneath the box to catch any rogue spray paint.
  5. Spray the hardware and let it dry between coats. Make sure to turn the hardware over so all angles of the surface are covered with the paint.
  6. Let the hardware dry for at least 24 hours, reattach to your door knob, and admire your handiwork!
  7. If required, or you’ve got the time, you could also use a primer and/or a topcoat on the door knobs to help the colour and finish last even longer, but this is completely optional.

How Do Magnetic Door Catches Work?

Magnetic catches can be used in place of door handles and knobs. They’re clever pieces of equipment, but some people can struggle to understand how the innovative catches work.

The catch is fitted to the inside of a cupboard and a small steel plate is fitted to the door.

The catch contains a retaining clip in the body. This means that when the door is pushed tightly against it, the magnetic catch holds the door in place, as the retaining clip will click into place and keep the door held shut.

Most magnetic catches simply pull apart to allow for the door to be opened again – the pulling force breaks the magnetic force, therefore breaking the seal. However, some magnetic clips go a bit further in design. These are called ‘push-to-open' catches as opposed to a traditional magnetic catch. If you push down slightly on the closed door, the clip releases and the door will spring open. This lends itself to a hands-free approach, great for busy cooks or those with children, as they won’t be able to just pull the doors open.

For more information regarding door knobs and catches, get in touch with our friendly team!