How To Fit A Door Handle

Replacing doorknobs that are damaged or making sounds is simpler than you would think. With the right equipment and knowledge, installing a door handle should take less than 30 minutes. In order for homeowners to complete this task without having to hire an expensive expert, we have put together this DIY tutorial for installing a door handle:

  1. Door handle preparation - Lay down a dust sheet before starting to drill and chisel the door. A door handle should be placed 1000mm from the ground. For comfort and aesthetic reasons, it is beneficial to keep this height throughout the home for all internal doors. Door handles must be positioned between 900mm and 1050mm from the ground, according to standard UK rules.
  2. Mark out the door handle - Often, doorknobs come with a template for marking out where to drill holes. However, if yours does not, using a pencil, mark a 1000mm space on either side of the door. Then drill small holes to mark these when you are happy with them. Make the last holes using the appropriate drill bit size while maintaining a level drill with the floor.
  3. Fit the door handle - Draw the outline using a pencil on the face plate of the handle. To remove this portion of the door, use the template to determine the faceplate depth. The faceplate should be fastened to the door's side. Check for alignment after inserting the door handles into the holes. When everything is in place, drill the handles into position and test them to see whether they function. Finally, close the door after fastening the strike plate to the door frame.

How to fit a door handle with a lock

When fitting a door handle with a lock, you can refer to the above guideline for installing a standard doorknob. However, there is one additional step – drill a hole in the centrepiece of the frame where the lock will be. You can do that by marking where the lock will be, using tape for more precision or a pencil, and then drilling the appropriate depth.

How to remove a door handle

It is not always as simple as it seems to take off a door handle. Fortunately, even the most difficult design should be easy for you to handle in about 10 to 15 minutes. While most handles are fastened using visible mounting screws, you might need to look for a groove in the knob's or lever's neck. See if you can pry off or unscrew the cover plate beneath the handle if you can't see any exposed screws or slots. You need to locate mounting screws there that you may need to unfasten to take out the handle. There are 3 main ways in which you can remove a door handle:

            • Method 1: Remove a door handle with exposed screws: Unscrew the screws and slide out the door. If you are installing a new door handle, remove the latch mechanism first.
            • Method 2: Remove handles with recessed fasteners: By inserting a small screwdriver or Allen wrench into the handle's recessed slot. If you are not seeing a screw inside the slot, use a paperclip.
            • Method 3: Pry or twist off the handle's cover plate: Find any hidden fasteners attached to the handle's base and remove the mounting screws.

How to remove a bathroom door handle with an integrated lock

To remove a bathroom door handle with an integrated lock you can use one of the 3 methods above. After you unscrew the door handle, there should be a thumb turn on the inside of the bathroom door handle. Typically, there is a small Allen key grub screw on the underside of the thumb turn. You should unscrew and take it out of the spindle. The handles will come away from the door freely after that.

If you have more questions regarding installing or removing door handles, do not hesitate to contact our friendly expert team here.