How to Fix a Door Handle

Why is my door handle stiff?

The most typical issue with stuck door handles is a problem with the tubular latch, the door’s internal mechanism. A spindle (metal bar) that travels through the follower (a rotating metal disc) built into the latch's body is how the tubular latch operates. This transfers power to the latch's internal spring, which in turn causes the latch bolt tongue to retract and the door to open.

The most frequent reason for stuck door handles is a problem with the tubular latch itself. To examine this, first open the door and make sure the tubular latch plate is clear of any evident obstacles, such as loose screws or indications that the latch or lock's internal components are peeking through.

How to repair a door handle spring

A door handle spring's replacement is rather easy and does not call for many specialised tools. All you need is a pair of pipe cutting pliers and a door handle spring repair kit. We have prepared an easy step-by-step guide:

  1. Remove the door handle
  2. Open the circlip: After the handle has been removed, it's time to disassemble the inside parts and get ready to repair the damaged spring. To do this, place the two points of your circlip pliers in the circlip's two holes, and then tightly press them together. By doing so, you may release the circlip from the handle shaft and enable it to open.
  3. Remove the washers and cams: Next, take out any washers or cams that are located close to the damaged spring. You should now be able to see these little metal discs. The point that you'll see on the cams may be used to establish the handle's horizontal position.
  4. Remove the old spring and fit the new: It is time to take out any remaining pieces of the broken spring from the handle. Fit the new door handle spring in accordance with the directions on the packaging using the spring replacement kit. You may add some oil or Vaseline for a handle that is smoother and will last longer. As soon as the replacement spring is installed, it should automatically restore the handle to its horizontal position.
  5. Refit the washers and cams
  6. Test and re-attach your door handle

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