How Much Does A Padlock Cost?

The cost of a padlock can vary greatly depending on the material, type of locking mechanism, and size of the padlock.

For a small, simple plastic padlock, you could be paying as low as £1-£2, but obviously this will not provide the strength that certain applications may need.

For a middle range full-metal padlock, such as brass or laminated steel, you can expect to pay between £5-£25, depending on the exact size and weight of the padlock. If you’re looking for a combination padlock, you can expect the price to be slightly higher than that of a padlock and key, due to the enhanced mechanism behind a combination lock.

For a high-security, heavy-duty padlock like a shutter lock, you can expect to pay anything upwards of £30. Most of these style locks sold through well-known merchants won’t be more expensive than £60, apart from on rare occasions, or for huge sizes and specialist materials.

If your padlock needs to be manufactured from a particular material, for example it needs to be weatherproof if used in a marine environment, you can expect this to bump up the cost slightly too.

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